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Here are the rules: 1) Always post the rules 2) Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked 3) Tag 10 new people and link them to the post 4) Tell them you tagged them 
5) Tell the person you tagged you answered the questions.

My answers:

  1. Last time You cried and why  Can’t remember, probably at some movie
  2. Piercings You have/want  I have none and wish for none, I do like tattoos though
  3. Relationship status  single by choice
  4. Phobia
 certain kinds of social interactions
  5. Any pets? Their names?
 A dog named Hawkeye
  6. Perfect date?
 8/8 haha, kay, ideally something random that turns out to be the perfect date
  7. Favorite genre of movies?
 Horror movies all the way
  8. Do drugs? wich?
 I don’t even drink so…
  9. Desired hair color? Ashy blond
  10. You would like to be higher or shorter? (Height) I’m 5’8” and that’s how I like it

    I was tagged by Chanel Bones and I nominate Unicorn Still Has Horn plus anyone who feels like answering the following questions: 
    1 One habit you would like to change?
    2 Favorite song at the moment?
    3 Worst movie you’ve ever seen?
    4 Favorite month of the year?
    5 Any tattoos/piercings?
    6 One creepy fact about you?
    7 Destination you’d like to visit?
    8 Do you believe in altruism?
    9 The best advice you could give would be…?
    10 Confess

them boots.

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